Are you dating a spy

Rather, her Rumors began swirling around the pair when Trainor shared another Instagram selfie two weeks ago at the conclusion of her tour.The photo featured Sabara and her, both wearing unicorn onesies. We survived an entire tour without canceling any shows! "Dating might be a strong word to use, but they are definitely seeing each other."Trainor once opened up to us about the qualities she looks for in a partner to make her swoon. It may be tempting to assure he’s not cheating on you or talking to people you don’t know about, but this isn’t the way. Want to lose his trust and earn the title “psycho girlfriend“? Think you’re freaking out over what he does on his phone? If he realizes he can’t even text something to his friends without you having to know every word, he’s probably going to leave you. You freak out, make a scene, and totally embarrass yourself.

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Getting jealous just because he has a few women on his contacts list isn’t attractive. He had a life before you and it’s OK for him to have friends, both male and female. He’s just going to think if you’re that insecure in a relationship, maybe you shouldn’t be in one. Did you ever think that maybe he wants some privacy because he’s working on a surprise for you? If you have problems with something he’s doing, talk to him. Otherwise, you might as well kiss your relationship goodbye." she wrote before adding, "Thank you @darylsabara for being so amazing."Their relationship only seemed to be even more obvious when the "NO" singer shared another photo of the two holding hands in an airport."Off to Spain," she wrote, tagging Sabara in the photo. She said she loves to "cuddle [and] make music." However she also noted, "You can make music or not, that's fine, whatever, but also be real cool and make me laugh. That's all you gotta do."Seems like she's finally found the one to do it!Meanwhile, Trainor was previously connected to Nick Jonas' assistant, Cory Andersen, in 2015. star, taking to her social media account to share a selfie with him.But it's not necessarily the photo that speaks a thousand words, considering she's shared pictures with him a few times before.

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